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Forearm Splint

Forearm Splint

Code: E 30
Sizes Available: Universal

Forearm Splint is a long brace designed to provide splinting support to radius and ulna and immobilize, firmly the forearm in various orthopedic conditions. It maintains the wrist in the functional position.
  • Amphi-dextrous
  • Customizable splints
  • Perfect immobilization
  • Easy to use and remove

Salient feature
    - Aluminum dorsal and volar splints
  • Customizable for Improved immobilization
  • Rigid and strong – improves immobilization
  • Enhanced comfort
  • Perfect fitting
  • Light in weight
  • - PUF lined Matty Fabric body
  • Durable
  • Enhance comfort
  • Better aesthetics
  • - Long length
  • Improved immobilization
  • Can be used for mid forearm fractures
  • - Two part design
  • Amphi-dextrous
  • One size fits all circumference
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Desired compression

Measure circumference at a distance 6” from the wrist along the arm

Size Chart